Our Unique Approach

Did you know your trees see your yard as a forest?


Whether they are in a forest, a pot on a patio, or a 50 acre estate, all trees live in relationship to the life all around them. In fact, your tree’s vitality depends upon the ecological health of your landscape.

We at EcoArborist understand what your trees need to flourish.  We go beyond “eco-friendly” or “green” landscaping practices to build gardens that mimic the way forests function.  The result is an ecologically healthy landscape that naturally supports the health of your tree.

What does it mean to have a “ecologically healthy” garden?

  • The soil is alive full of life

  • Plants feed and water themselves in partnership with the soil life

    The plants in your garden can thrive in your climate 

  • There are many types of plants and animals that all support each other

  • Everything the garden needs to flourish comes from the garden


How does an ecologically healthy garden benefit you and your trees?

  • Trees and plants can be much more vital

  • Trees can resist diseases and pests much better

  • Pests, diseases, and weeds will have trouble taking over your garden

  • You can water less, or not at all

  • You don’t have to bring in fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides

  • You may save money over time from reduced water and maintenance costs


Specific Our practices includewe promote:

  • High quality pruning for the tree’s health

  • Soil building

  • Mulching (healthy fallen leaves from your tree are the best mulch!)

  • Proper plant selection for the site

  • Planting a diversity of garden plants to support each other

  • Attracting beneficial insects to take care of pests

  • Getting rid of irrigation and using Capturing rainwater instead and using it to water your garden

    Using swales and berms to capture and sink water into the soil

  • Mixing in edibles, especially perennials


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