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We are based in the San Fernando Valley and provide services throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

EcoArborist is:

Darren Butler:

Darren is a Consulting Arborist, Ecological Landscape Designer, Greywater & Irrigation Designer and Consultant, Landscape & Garden Consultant, Permaculturist, Speaker, and Teacher. He started gardening at age five, and now has 25 years’ of diverse experience working with plants, trees, gardens, and landscapes. He is an ISA Certified Arborist, University of California Master Gardener, Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor, and PNW ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor. Since 2005 he has offered dozens of workshops, courses, and retreats to thousands of students. Darren volunteers hundreds of hours per year primarily to educate, promote sustainable practices, support programs that help people grow and eat nutritious food, serve at-risk children and youth, and to serve others in discovering meaningful and joyful experience through connections with plants, trees, soil, and gardens.



Kelle Matsushita

MG, Network Garden, studying for ISA, tree



Jonathan Strunin

Recently back from a long hiatus in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jonathan is a passionate horticulturalist with seven years of experience in food growing in urban settings.  He has been formally trained in the horticulture programs at City College of San Francisco and Merritt College in Oakland, and was a student and volunteer in Garden For the Environment’s Gardening and Composting Education and Training Program. Jonathan is a Green Gardens Group Qualified Trainer, and has designed and installed residential gardens for low-water and food production applications. This year, he is excited to enter the University of California Master Gardener program to be able to support ecological agriculture education in low-income communities. The only thing Jonathan loves more than fresh food from the garden is the look in people’s eyes when they understand that their soil alive and that their landscapes are living natural systems.


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